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Six Tips to an Easy Divorce


“Easy divorce” might seem like an oxymoron, but the truth is that the way you conduct yourself throughout the process can make it progress more smoothly and quickly. In fact, your actions throughout the divorce can work in your favor when it comes to making important decisions regarding property division and child custody.

Follow These Tips For the Best Resolution

  1. Cooperate – A willingness to work with your spouse to negotiate goes a long way toward expediting the process. Even if your ex is not willing to show the same courtesy, your cooperation will be your advantage if your divorce goes to trial. Stubbornness, frustration, and lashing out can make matters worse for you and your family. Furthermore, be sure to follow all the temporary orders in place.
  2. Prioritize children – If there are children involved, they should be your priority when making decisions. Divorce is often harder on children than on the spouses, themselves. When negotiating child custody and support, it’s easy to want to be selfish and hard to want to give up parental time, but stubbornness not only impacts the process, but it could hurt them, as well.
  3. Communicate – While it may not be easy to maintain lines of communication with your ex, it is a crucial factor to successful divorces, especially when children are involved. Tell your ex where you and your children are at all times and talk about your future plans after the divorce is finalized.
  4. Be open – Make sure you disclose any and all property in your possession and don’t attempt to hide them or giving them away. You may think that you are giving yourself the upper hand, but if your ex has a decent attorney, they will find it and it will negatively affect your likelihood of gaining a favorable decree. Financial deception can also mean that you land right back in court after your divorce is finalized.
  5. Do your homework – There are a lot of options regarding divorce proceedings and a lot of factors that can affect them. Understanding the way decisions are made and the laws surrounding divorce processes can give you an advantage.
  6. Get the right help – At Henrickson & Sereebutra, we know that it can be difficult to keep the emotions and stress at bay throughout a divorce, and we can provide compassionate legal counsel to help you make informed decisions and keep your cool every step of the way.

Divorce is emotional, complicated, and messy, but with the right attitude and the right attorney on your side, you can get through it with minimum stress. Our team of Paulding County divorce attorneys is dedicated to helping clients find the best solutions for their families so that they can start fresh. Your best chance at a better future starts with a phone call. Schedule your initial consultation at no cost today.