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Enforcement of Court Orders

Court Order Enforcement Attorney in Paulding County

Serving Cobb County, Douglas County & the Atlanta Metro Area

Whether your divorce was arranged through court or finalized after negotiations outside of court, the judge's final decree stand with the force of law behind it. Violating the terms of a divorce agreement is not only a violation of these court orders, but also an infringement on the personal rights of others involved in the divorce. If your spouse is violating the terms of your divorce, petition a court to enforce the orders!

The Paulding County divorce lawyers at our firm have handled all kinds of divorce and family law issues. We know that obtaining a divorce settlement may only be half the battle—uncooperative former spouses may prove to cause more trouble down the road. With the help of our legal team, you may be able to successfully petition a court to enforce the agreements of your divorce settlement and resolve your legal troubles.

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What Am I Able to Enforce?

Court order enforcement may be used for any number of legal troubles arising after a divorce. Whether shared parenting responsibilities are not being adhered to, or payments are falling behind, a court-ordered enforcement goads the offending party into action. If a former spouse does not respond to enforcement with adequate action, he or she is subject to legal penalties, and even an arrest.

Enforcements may be applied for most aspects of a divorce settlement, such as:

Do I Really Need a Court to Enforce My Divorce Terms?

Most individuals do not expect to run into trouble with shared parenting responsibilities and financial payments. When these problems do arise, many people try to resolve these issues on their own, or ignore it. More often than not, these issues remain unresolved, and the consequences of his can last for years, or even a lifetime.

If you do not receive the amount of child support or alimony payments outlined in your divorce settlement, you might face serious financial hardship that leaves you and your children in difficult circumstances. If the other parent is violating their visitation and custody rights, it is your relationship with your children that suffers.

Secure Dedicated Representation for Your Petition

Whether you are trying to resolve parental custody issues or support payments, you may take legal action to have your entitlements enforced and stop the other party from infringing on the divorce agreements. However, petitioning a court for enforcement is not as simple as filling out a form—you must be able and willing to make a case for why your issue requires enforcing. Proving this necessity requires a level of care and preparation, which our Paulding County divorce attorney may offer on your behalf.

As our client, you gain access to a legal team with years of experience handling complex issues concerning matters of family law. Our firm has handled divorces of all kinds, and when it comes to enforcing a court order for divorce agreements, we are prepared to help our clients build an effective case for court. Do not leave your enforcement petition to chance when the results can have a serious impact on your future.

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