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Paulding County Child Visitation Attorney

Asserting Your Rights Before & After Divorce

Most divorcing parents are concerned with maintaining a role in their children's lives. Some parents are left feeling that their needs and best interests were not fairly represented in a divorce, and as a result, their relationship with their children suffered. However, losing child custody is not the end of your involvement. You may still have a reasonable chance of being awarded rights of visitation.

Visitation may allow you to maximize the amount of time you can spend with your children. Fortunately, state law strongly encourages parenting plans which grant both parents as much time with the children as possible. With the help of our Paulding County divorce lawyers, you may demonstrate your contributions to your children's upbringing and well-being in a court and secure your future relationship with your children.

Court Decision on Visitation

In cases that involved the welfare of children, courts will consider the "best interests of the children" when they make their judgment. When it comes to visitation, judges will seek to ascertain whether a parent's presence in the child's life will positively affect their upbringing. As a parent seeking visitation rights, you will need the court's approval of your involvement in a child's future. At Henrickson & Sereebutra, our divorce lawyer in Paulding County may provide the vital counsel and representation you need to protect your rights in court!

Secure Legal Counsel to Represent Your Best Interests

Henrickson & Sereebutra has assisted individuals facing some of the most complex and troubling family law issues. We understand how difficult it can be to resolve matters of divorce, especially when it comes to parents' relationships with their children. Our legal team may help you pursue an effective course of action to resolve your legal issues.

To protect your rights to visitation and secure your relationship with your children, contact our firm and let us help you fight for your family's best interests.

Enforcing and Modifying Visitation Arrangements

After a divorce, both parents may undergo many considerable changes in their life. Changes in work schedule, home relocation, remarriage, and other changes in responsibilities can make many elements of a divorce agreement unmanageable. If changes in your life have made your visitation arrangement impossible to work with, you may petition a court to modify the order. With careful preparation and presentation of evidence for the change, you may adjust the visitation to suit your changing needs.

In some cases, one parent may purposefully prevent the other parent from visiting their children as allowed in a visitation order. When this occurs, the parent may petition a court to enforce the order and demand the offending parent to abide by the visitation agreement. If your visitation rights are being impeded by the other parent's actions, take legal action to hold the parent accountable for their actions!

Obtain Visitation Rights Through Legitimation

In most situations, women are recognized to have rights of custody over children by default. Men who are not married to the mother when a child is conceived or born do not have any automatic right of visitation. In order to establish a legal relationship with your child, you will have to go to court requesting legitimation as the father. Only then will you be able to petition a court to establish your right to visitation.

Protecting the right to visitation can be a difficult task. Schedule a free case evaluation and let our divorce attorneys in Paulding County help you find a positive resolution.

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