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Georgia Woman Files for Divorce after Allegedly Being Shot Multiple Times by Her Husband


According to news reports, Georgia resident, Adina Parson, has recently filed for divorce stating that her marriage was irretrievably broken based on the grounds of "cruel treatment". This came after her husband of almost four years, Michael Parson, allegedly shot her eight times outside the couple's Sandy Springs apartment. Following the shooting, which happened back in April 2012, Mr. Parson reportedly fled the state, only to be later found in Texas.

After he was located, he was then extradited back to Georgia. Due to the fact that Georgia has very strict laws to help protect the victims of domestic violence, Ms. Parson also filed a petition with the court asking that they grant her a temporary restraining order, in case Mr. Parson was to be released from jail, as Ms. Parson fears he will continue to try and cause her irrevocable harm.

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