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Former Atlanta Braves Star's Wife Files for Divorce


According to reports, it seems that former Atlanta Braves star, Andruw Jones, is going to be facing even more legal difficulties now that his wife has filed for divorce. Towards the end of last year, Atlanta news stations reported that on Christmas morning Andruw Jones' wife, Nicole, called the police to report her husband had grabbed her neck and threatened to kill her. As a result, Andruw was arrested and charged with battery.

Following that incident, court documents show that on New Year's Eve Nicole officially filed for divorce to end their 10-year marriage, stating irreconcilable differences. As part of her divorce request, Nicole also allegedly asked for joint legal and primary custody of their 9-year-old son, child support, alimony and a 75/75 split of the couple's property and assets. In order to achieve this, Nicole asked the judge to declare the couple's prenuptial agreement null and void.

Even without the involvement of children from a marriage, a prenuptial agreement, or the unfortunate existence of domestic violence, divorce can be an extremely difficult and emotional experience. In divorce proceedings, the two parties must come to an amicable agreement as to the division of assets, property, spousal support and other important issues, or face litigation in court.

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