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Michael Jordan Paternity Suit Officially Dropped


In February 2013, 48-year-old Pamela Smith filed a paternity suit claiming that NBA legend, Michael Jordan, was the biological father of her 16-year-old son. Now, despite the fact that Smith recently asked a Georgia court to compel Jordan to submit to DNA testing in order to prove paternity, Smith's lawyers confirm that she has officially withdrawn her lawsuit.

This does not mean the case is over, however, because as Smith withdrew the lawsuit without prejudice that means she has reserved the right to re-file if she so chooses. Jordan, on the other hand, continues to deny the claim that he is the father of Smith's son and has allegedly filed a counterclaim against Smith for her false accusations. In a statement to the press, Jordan's lawyer even referenced court documents from Smith's earlier divorce case which establish her ex-husband as the boy's legal father.

In the state of Georgia, both the mother and father are legally responsible for the care and proper upbringing of their child. This means parents are expected to provide an acceptable standard of living to their child(ren) by housing them, clothing them, feeding them, ensuring they receive a proper education and providing them with adequate medical care. This applies regardless of whether or not the two parents have ever been legally wed.

In many cases, unfortunately, paternity is not a black and white issue. That is why, in cases where the mother is seeking to prove paternity in order to legally compel the father to pay what is due, as laid out by the Georgia Child Support Guidelines, or the father is seeking to affirm paternity in order to be granted visitation or child custody rights, a skilled divorce attorney from the firm can help.

The Paulding County divorce attorneys at the firm are former prosecutors with extensive experience in all manner of divorce proceedings. As a result of their unique insight into such cases, the attorneys at the firm are able to help provide clients with the well-rounded strategy, and aggressive representation they need in order to achieve their paternity objectives.

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