Keeping Important Records When Paying or Receiving Alimony

Most people do not necessarily consider the importance of keeping track of certain paperwork when paying or receiving spousal support. They may simply take it at face value and think nothing else of it until there is an issue that arises. If one spouse is faithfully paying their end of the spousal support, but suddenly their ex-spouse claims they haven't been, if there are no detailed records then it may become a huge dispute in court. The same goes for those receiving alimony as their ex-spouse could claim that they have paid out alimony faithfully every month, when in fact they have been negligent in their payment. In some cases, it is not the ex-spouse that is seeking information; it may be the IRS, as alimony is considered to be a tax-deductible income.

If you are the one receiving spousal support, make sure and keep the following records:

Document and keep track of the following pieces of information:

  • The date that you received each payment
  • How much each payment was for
  • Make photocopies of any checks or money orders sent in
  • Write down any account numbers associated with the checks written by your ex-spouse
  • Keep any receipts or signatures that show you accepted the payment
  • The name of the bank where your ex-spouse is pulling funds from

If you are the one making spousal support payments:

  • Keep a list of all payments sent out, including the date it was sent, the address you sent the payment to and the check number.
  • Put all the originals of the checks together and write down the date you sent them on each check; place them in a safe deposit box or another very secure place.
  • In the event you paid your ex-spouse in cash, obtain a signature from them showing they received the payment.

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